September 23, 2004

I want to thank Pam for coming to the Quad Cities to teach dance lessons. Wow, what an incredible impact she has had on my dancing as well as a lot of my fellow ballroom dancers in the QC area.

Pam has such an enormous amount of dance knowledge to share with us; her great analogies that she creatively implements into her dance instruction are the things I remember while we are practicing throughout the week (beach balls, grocery carts, super man, dance frame, etc). By utilizing these ideas it definitely improves my dance skills (love it when that light bulb goes on-I finally got it!!!). Pam’s way of teaching balance through being centered and grounded into the floor has helped to make my dancing so much more fluid and controlled.

I thank Pam not only for all of her talents in helping us to become better dancers through her group and private lessons, but also she is such a wonderful person to be around. She makes dancing so much fun!!

Four years ago I was going to take a few dance lessons to learn how to dance. Now with Pam in the Quad Cities, I am taking a few dance lessons

each week to learn more and more and more! When I am having a problem with a dance step Pam is so good at breaking it down and helping me through it so I can understand it and dance it correctly. She’s always there to help us be the best we can be!!

We are so lucky to have Pam’s level of dance expertise in the Quad City area!

Thanks Pam!!!!

Avis Kutzman
Geneseo, Illinois

November 10, 2004

Taking lessons with Pam is having the advantage of working with an expert in her field.  Whether you are a novice or an advanced student, she makes learning to dance easy and fun.  Her knowledge of dancing extends much more than learning steps.  She teaches you how to know the feeling of the dance, whether it is a structured Waltz, a fun Swing or a sensuous Bolero.

Due to Pam’s coaching, we not only look better dancing, but we are enjoying it more.  We look forward to our weekly lessons with Pam.  If we had the time, we would take lessons with her every night!

Dennis and Beverly Broughton
Blue Grass, Iowa

January 20, 2008


I have had a very unexpected life change; I’m addicted to ballroom dancing. Wow! Me of all people in the world. Your classes are very professional, brilliant; what a wonderful surprise. When I set foot inside your studio, it feels like I’m creating a new me. I take private lessons because it helps me learn all of the things you must learn to be the best at dancing you that you can be. Then I also try to be at all of the group classes. I have never been treated so kind In my life. You don’t need a partner to join. My clients have noticed the change in me. I tell everyone I know about Addicted To Ballroom! I would like to thank everyone who helps me when I am there. I feel like a new woman!!!!

Again, thank you Pam Rutherford for taking the time to be so kind to someone with two left feet!!

Cindy J. Murphy
Moline, Illinois
April 10, 2007

Hi Pam!

I just wanted to tell you how much Diane and I, as well as the others in our class, enjoyed our dance lesson classes with you.  It was so much fun and Diane and I really learned a lot.  The experience has been great and we want to continue with lessons as we see them fit with our summer schedule.  You are terrific at presenting the steps and correcting problems before they become bad habits.  I am really getting into the body mechanics of good dancing and your references to “frame” have helped me look at the leader’s role in a new way.  Dance has become fun, fun, fun.

Thanks, Pam, you’re great.  We’ll be seeing you soon.

Kind Regards,

Ed Bodnar
Bettendorf, Iowa

September 27, 2002

Fellow Dancers:

I have been studying social ballroom dancing intermittently for about 15 years.  I am starting to get good at it.  And I will certainly say my lessons with Pam have been most helpful.

Pam is one of the most efficient instructors I have ever experienced.  She is able to teach new steps and technique in a rapid, easy, entertaining, and integrated fashion.  She has SO many little tricks that make your dance technique soar.  Pam is also creative.  I love it when she tailors new steps just for me, on the spot.  Some of my favorite steps are in no syllabus, and are just perfect to fit my style.

I can recommend Pam’s help for anyone from the most basic student, to the most advanced.

Eric M. Schaffer Ph.D. CUA CPE
Human Factors International, Inc.
We Make Software Usable(tm)

June 3, 2003

I am learning more from a female teacher than I ever did before.  Pam is fun and a patient teacher. I really enjoy my lessons with her.  I am becoming a better dancer with her teaching and I am having the fun of my life.

WOW, Thank you Pam.

Gloria Proksch
Fairfield, Iowa

October 9, 2003

Over the years, so many excellent dance teachers have come to Fairfield, Iowa. We all have enjoyed the variety of techniques and styles of dancing and of teaching.  For me, personally, the real leap in my technique came when I started studying with Pam Rutherford.

Pam has the perseverance to work with a student through the learning curves over time. She knows how to find the keys to better dancing for each student individually.  This makes individual lessons even more rewarding than group classes. Pam’s corrections apply to all the dancing I do and really add to the fun because she builds confidence. I highly recommend Pam Rutherford’s private lessons for all dancers.

Gretchen Schaffer
Fairfield, Iowa

September 10, 2003

I think Pam Rutherford’s classes are totally awesome and very helpful. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, Pam is the one to take lessons from.

Trust me, even if you think, “Oh, I can’t dance” or you think you have two left feet, just try one class with Pam and you will be dancing in no time. I was like that. I said I could never dance, because I didn’t think it was in me. I had never taken a dance class until I met Pam. I took one class with her and I was hooked. It has not even been a year yet and I already know some of Rumba, Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, West Coast Swing, Salsa, and Foxtrot, and more in the future.

Trust me when I say she is the best teacher around. So please give Pam a try. She is a great teacher and you will learn fast and have fun doing it too!

Andy Cubbage
Douds, Iowa

August 11, 2003

Unable to attend the Cedar Rapids USABDA dance this month, I went to the Waterloo USABDA dance for the dancing and the group lesson and I had a wonderful time. Pam Rutherford was just terrific!

When Pam first started the dance lesson, I thought I would have a terrible time remembering all those terms, never mind the steps. What a surprise! Pam and her partner made everything so simple. I never knew I could dance in the Silver class. I didn’t even know what the Silver class was.  Pam’s technique is just so easy to follow. I had fun, felt good and will use everything I learned after I practice a bit more with my dance partner. My Foxtrot needed more work and your lesson was the shot in the arm I needed.

Thank you again for coming to Waterloo and Cedar Rapids to give the lessons.

Thank you Pam!

Joseph R. Rosa (Joe)
Anamosa, Iowa

April 3, 2003

My wife and I joined Pam’s West Coast Swing group class, fully expecting that, like most group dance classes, we would probably be the most learning challenged couple of the group and would have to take private lessons in order to really get it down.  We were wrong.

Not only were we equipped with a nice repertoire of steps to show off in the public dances, but we were afforded a high caliber of personal attention during the class to insure we were well coordinated and had the subtleties down too.  Now if we take private lessons, which this group class inspired us to do, it will be to pick up where we left off in the group class.

Paul Saipher
Fairfield, Iowa

April 2, 2007


I really enjoyed last night’s waltz class.  I think starting with the progressive step made me feel like I was actually dancing sooner.  It was great!  I loved it!  We got to practice dancing in the line of direction more and this can’t help but make us better dancers out on the floor.

Rosie Dreessen
Moline, Illinois