Dustin Jones (Owner: Youngstown Fred Astaire Dance Studios and Instructor)

Dustin Jones has brought his thoughtful and intense style of dance instruction to both novice and advanced students, since the mid-90s. Dustin has been the co-owner and manager of the Youngstown Fred Astaire Dance Studio since 2002 and is one of the youngest Fred Astaire Franchise owners. Having danced since the tender age of five, he is, himself, the consummate student and is forever polishing his craft. As a nationally certified ballroom instructor and winner of numerous awards, he is a valued member of the Fred Astaire dance team.

Rob O’Bryant (Instructor)

Rob started his career as a dance instructor with the Fred Astaire franchise in 1998. Nationally certified in both American Rhythm and American Smooth styles, Rob has a true gift for the craft. His desire for dancing started at age eleven, when break dancing on a piece of cardboard was the thing to do. Since then he has received many accolades and awards that have kept improving his ability to work with the students whom inspire his love for dancing. Whether a student is looking for a simple way to exercise or would like to become a ballroom competitor, his goal is to get you on the floor moving with style and grace.

Kirill Zaruba (Instructor)

A highly sought-after competitor and performer, Kirill is ranked as the ‘Top Professional Ballroom Dancer’ by the Kazakhstan Dance Sport Federation. Winner of multiple National & International Competitions, Kirill’s dedication to precision and his ability to captivate an audience, creates a true sensation on the dance floor. Experienced in training students within Russia’s largest Dance Sport Club, Kirill enjoys imparting the knowledge and techniques that he has gained from over a decade of training. Students cherish his unique ability to strengthen their technique and develop within them a love for dance.