Secret to a Successful Relationship

5 Reasons Dance Is the Secret to a Successful Relationship

Looking for a way to spice up your relationship? Ditch the candles and chocolate-covered strawberries and get on the floor… the dance floor that is! Learning to dance is taking couples to new heights every day, opening the door to new romance by experiencing something new together.


Rekindle that spark!

 Raising kids can sometimes leave marriages a little lacking in the romance department. So much time and energy was spent taking care of them you had nothing left for yourselves! Dance lessons can be just the thing to rekindle those romantic feelings between you and your spouse. All the moving, grooving and swinging hips… well, how wouldn’t that lead to more romance?


Try something new together.

The last new thing you tried had the words “gluten free” on the package. It’s time to get out of the house, meet people, dance to good music and let the rhythm move you.


Dancing makes you feel more comfortable being yourself.

Always be yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail in front of each other. Dancing will help you learn more about each other. It’ll force you to be vulnerable, which will help you better accept yourself and your partner.


It’s a real conversation starter.

Sharing interests is a crucial part of any relationship. The time you spend in lessons and practicing at home will bring you both closer. You’ll have more to talk about, and more to share.


It will either A) be reminiscent of your first dance, or B) get you ready for the first dance at your wedding.

Your first dance is special. A moment to remember forever. Dance lessons are a perfect way to capture, or recapture, a magical moment.

Just ask our very own students Tom and Michaela Hector! The prove the power of ballroom dancing when it comes to keeping the romance alive in any marriage!