Midwest DanceSport Championships 2024


July 12, 2024 - July 14, 2024

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel At Keystone Crossing
8702 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Event Info

Dear Friends,
It is with much enthusiasm we present the 20th annual Midwest Dancesport Championships – A FRED ASTAIRE DANCE STUDIOS INTERREGIONAL EVENT – INDIANA

We know that you have many choices when it comes to events & we our honored that you have chosen Midwest Dancesport Championships as an activity to fulfill your passion for dance!
Whether you are a professional or student competitor, we know you have dedicated a lot of time and effort to achieve the level of dancing you will represent. In our opinion, the sheer dedication to this wonderful sport makes
everyone a winner.

Our goal is to make Midwest Dancesport Championships an event everyone will go away from each year with fantastic memories. Where you’ll make new friends, enjoy great parties, chat with old friends, grow in your dancing & of course, feel the thrill we all get from being on the dance floor!

“Hi-De-Ho! Hello” everyone, the excitement begins Friday Morning July 12th, 2024 at 9:00am. This is where everyone, if they choose, can enjoy getting to know our prestiges selection of Judges as coaches! You will have the opportunity to sign up to experience private coaching during the day with them for some intense prep mentally & physically. Each of our coaches will be training you on techniques to help you take your dancing to
another level.

Friday afternoon July 12th, 2024 competition starts off with a bang! Our Showcase Showdown. Custom lighting  and fog will set the mood as you hit the dance floor! All levels will have a top Showcase Champion and there will
be an overall Top Award. Directly acer, you will “Cut a Rug” into the NightClub Division.
Our Theme is “Cops, Dames, & Gangstas”. Come “decked out” and don’t be a “Fuddy-Duddy” we want lots of “Grandstanding” or you may be “Done for” if you don’t! Acer the excitement of the evening there will be lots of “hipper-dipper munchies” across the hall from the ballroom so move “in a jiffy” to make sure you get your share.

Saturday morning July 13th, 2024 Hello all you “Cookies”! American Smooth Single Dances begin the day on the competition floor & continue into the afternoon along with the American Smooth Championships. Next is the
“dynamite” Latin Single dances & Latin Championships completing our afternoon. Now you can take your dance “stoppers” off close your “peepers” for a moment and prepare for the energy of the evening!

Saturday evening July 13th, 2024 is going to be a “Gas”! You will be welcomed with some “Sweet” music as you find your seat for the professional Divisions and watch as they show us how to be “Cloud Walkers”. Now it’s time
for our “Luscious” sit-down dinner. Then, shortly acer dessert the “Lulu” Party begins! We all will be “Eager Beaver’s” dancing across the floor with our DJ’s “Divine” music! Dance and mingle with all your dance friends and if your thirsty head on over to the bar with some “Clams”. Don’t forget, wear your favorite “Cops, Dames, or Gangstas” Themed “GliferaK” of the “40s”- there will be a prize for best “Killer Diller Duds”!
Don’t “Take a Powder” too early as we have lots of surprises this evening!
Sunday July 14th, 2024! Hot Digity Dog! We begin with the Standard Single Dances & Championships. Then we “Ginger” into the Rhythm Single Dances & Championships. Last, but not least, we end this spectacular “Be-Bop”
weekend with the presentation of Top Awards.

We are pleased that you are joining & sincerely THANK YOU for your support and most importantly your friendship see you on the dance floor “Rythme Rockers”!

Dan Rutherford & Nicole Carroll-Rutherford

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Package Deadline: JUNE 12TH, 2024



For Questions on Submissions:

Nicole Carroll ncarroll@fredastaire.com


For Entries/Changes/Heat Lists:

Angie Schultz aschultz@fredastaire.com

The Sheraton At Keystone Crossing

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