Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Dancing With Your Significant Other

Dancing is a great way to reignite the flame with your partner!

Having a mutual interest is an essential part of any relationship. The time you spend in lessons and practicing at home will bring you both closer. Plus, you’ll have more to talk about, and more to experience together!

Dancing promotes closeness and a warmer relationship, more intimacy and mutual pleasure. 

We pulled a great article summary from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s Instep Magazine (Winter 2017) that proves just why dancing can be so beneficial for couples! Don’t worry if you or your partner doesn’t know how to dance, that’s what we’re here for! 

  1. Boost Your Romance through couples dancing
    • It’s hard not to feel a sense of romance while ballroom dancing with your partner with the combination of body language, physical contact and eye contact.
  2. Exercise Together
    • Did you know that ballroom dance lessons and practice sessions can be comparable to gym workouts? Exercise by dancing together as a fun way to spend time with your partner that allows both of you to pursue your fitness goals. Ballroom dancing increases strength and muscle tone and you just might drop a few pounds.
  3. Teamwork
    • In ballroom dancing, two people moving in harmony to a rhythm is the result of cooperation. A leader and a follower are required in this partnership on the dance floor. Dancing allows each to not only master your own steps but to also help your partner master theirs.
  4. Better Communication
    • It has been said that Body Language is understood well before you speak. Communicating physically while ballroom dancing increases your ability to verbally communicate even while not in dance frame. Body language paired with spoken words is the complete recipe for couples who would like to improve their communication in their relationships.
  5. Date Night
    • Getting all dressed up and painting the town red is so important to maintain that pizazz in a relationship. Suit up and dress up and get your sassy with some Salsa dancing in your favorite nightspot.
  6. Rediscover Each Other
    • Your personality will shine through on the dance floor. Allow your partner to see that inner glow that drew you together in the first place.
  7. Reduce Stress
    • Many say that Ballroom Dancing lets their cares melt away. Dancing with your partner allows you to escape the everyday and transport yourself to a carefree moment in time… It’s like meditation for the whole body.
  8. Try Something New
    • Trying something new as a couple keeps your relationship fun and gives you new things to talk about. The skills you learn on the floor as a Ballroom dance couple is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come
  9. Become More Desirable
    1. Feel more confident from the way to walk to the way you interact socially. Ballroom dancing is a chance to do a little makeover on yourself. Move your body with grace, rhythm and better posture. You know what they say.. Confidence is the new Sexy!
  10. Time for just the two of You.
    • Daily obligations and responsibilities can get in the way of spending quality time together. Regularly scheduled dance lessons give you the opportunity to focus on e