Online Dance Lessons

American novelist Alice Walker once said “hard times require furious dancing.” If the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taught us anything it’s that sometimes we need to think outside the box and adapt to changes in the best way possible. If learning how to dance has always been a goal of yours, now might be the perfect time to learn and the good news is you can learn in the comfort of your own home. 

Studies have shown dancing has the ability to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. During these uncertain times, a little fun and physical activity might be just the thing you need for your soul! Our all-new online lessons platform you can get started on your personal dance journey today! The great news is, you’ll benefit from the same high standard of excellence Fred Astaire Dance Studios built their reputation on. 

We offer an extensive library of dance lesson videos – many styles and techniques, all led by our certified dance instructors and world-renowned International Dance Council Members. In addition, you will receive the ultimate in-home dance experience, book live-streaming lessons with your choice of one of our International Dance Council members. Get ready for an experience unlike any other and when life returns to normal you’ll not only have a brand new skill to show off but something you’ll be able to further develop into a lifelong passion. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Enjoy a vast (& always growing!) collection of online dance lessons & courses, all top-notch, in many dance styles and techniques, many FREE, and all led by Fred Astaire Dance Studios® certified dance instructors &  International Dance Council members
  • Book 30-minute private streaming lessons with participating International Dance Council members
  • Explore LOTS of fun, FREE content that will keep you engaged, inspired… & dancing!
  • Get FREE 30-day access our entire collection of classic Variations Videos, that let you join our Dance Council members on the dance floor to learn some fun steps
  • Stay healthy & active,  get family & friends involved – dance is for everyone!
  • Dance and spend quality time with family
  • Dance at home to relieve stress
  • Dance at home to express yourself & find joy
  • Dance at home to keep up your skills until in-person lessons can resume!
  • Click here to get started, and enjoy dance from home – or anywhere!|

Join us online today Fred Astaire Dance Studios®  for more info on this exciting program, plus samples of our FREE dance content. Enjoy a different fun, family-friendly dance lesson video posted each week. NOTE: We strongly encourage everyone to follow the CDC’s current recommendations for social distancing, and to maintain a distance of 6’ (two meters) from others.