Say ‘I do” to Dance Lessons Before Heading to the Altar

It’s something many people dream of since childhood, their wedding day. Many couples start choosing the dress, venue, and caterer as soon as they set a date but there is something else you might want to consider that’s just as important, dance lessons. Picture the first dance as a couple, you have had the song picked out for months and can’t wait to dance with your partner. When the DJ starts playing your song you realize neither one of you really knows how to dance and it becomes more like awkward swaying. All eyes are on you and your partner and if you don’t feel comfortable dancing, it will show and lead to stress on your big day. 

Even if you think you have smooth moves on the floor, you might not be doing it properly. Learning to dance is an excellent way to relax and get your mind off all the planning involved with your big day, it’s also a great way to connect with your partner, have fun, and impress your guests! Here are three compelling reasons to get started!

Relieves Stress

As much fun as it might be to plan a wedding, whether it’s a small affair or a big bash, there are a lot of details and legwork involved. It can become overwhelming to juggle contracts with vendors, finalize the details and sort out family dynamics. Dance lessons can serve as an outlet, a reprieve from the stress when you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Not to mention, dancing is just plain fun, laughing and letting go is just part of the process. Dancing can serve as a gentle reminder that this day is really just about the two of you. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to include everyone you can invite your wedding party and even parents to join you for lessons. Consider making it a fun group event and go out to dinner afterward or just grab an ice cream cone. The memories you make during your lessons will last a lifetime.

Practice Makes Perfect

The iconic dance moves of Fred Astaire and his dance partners didn’t just happen when they stepped out onto the dance floor. While there was a considerable amount of talent and athleticism in place there was also practice, practice, practice. The same is true for you! If you want to look your best and feel confident on the dance floor, you and your partner will need to practice.

A Skill that will Last a Lifetime

Twirling around the dance floor is not just for honoring the traditional “first dance” with a couple or even with your respective parents, it’s a skill you can take with you and expand upon for years to come. Some couples find out they love dancing so much, they continue on with lessons after the big day. Regardless if you just use your newly found skills for your big day or want to dance like a pro you’ll at least have the basics under your belt! Dancing is something you and your new spouse can take anywhere, anytime. Hard-pressed to think of a date night idea? Why not go dancing? It doesn’t have to be a fancy occasion, dancing is fun at concerts, parties, and even in your own backyard! All you need to supply is the music. 

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