The History of Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Do it big, do it right, and do it with style.

— Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire was a wildly popular American dancer, actor and choreographer who was known for bringing glamour and joy to the dance floor. In fact, this dancing legend was considered by many to have been the greatest dancer of all time! Astaire starred in over 40 musical comedy productions, both in films and on Broadway. 

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we are proud of our great dance heritage, which began in 1947 when the ‘Master of Dance’ himself co-founded our company. 

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Beginnings

“To me, dancing has always been fun. I am glad that I can now put my knowledge to use in bringing personal confidence and a feeling of achievement to so many people.”

— Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire was not only an amazing dancer, but also a talented and inspirational choreographer. His dream was to establish a chain of studios in his name to assure that his dancing techniques would be preserved and shared with the public. 

In 1947, Astaire co-founded the first Fred Astaire dance studio on Park Avenue in New York City, bringing his talent and glamour from Hollywood to the public.  Today Fred Astaire Dance Studios are found across the US and around the world, each maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Why Fred Astaire Dance Studios?

Our passion is to enrich people’s lives – physically, emotionally, socially and mentally – through the transformative power of dance. People start dance lessons for thousands of reasons. We offer everything you can imagine including wedding dance instruction, salsa, waltzes, social dancing, and even competitive dancing. Once we show you how much fun ballroom dancing is, we are confident you will want to keep coming back.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Kindness, warmth and fun await you here. We are 100% non-judgmental! People notice the energy, joy and welcoming nature of our “FADS” community the first time they step inside our doors. 

Health benefits

Ballroom dancing is a perfect combination of exercise and social interaction. The benefits are numerous: 

  • A great workout for your mind and body
  • Enhances your social life and builds self-confidence 
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Promotes relaxation
  • A wonderful outlet for self-expression and creativity
  • It’s FUN!! 

Great for All Ages. 

Ballroom dancing is an enjoyable activity for everyone, from children to senior citizens. Students of all age groups, skill levels , and physical abilities, participate in custom dance programs that are comfortable yet challenging.

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a way to connect with your partner, or to improve your social, physical or emotional health, Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Pewaukee will be your partner every “step” of the way. For more information on lessons or events at the studio, reach out to us by calling (262) 241-1221 or stop in today!