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Dance Lessons Durham CTAdult Child Dance Classes

Whether you’ve danced before or are brand new to dance, the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Middletown can bring the benefits of dance to you. We offer ballroom, Latin, tap, jazz, and hip hop dance lessons Durham CT residents love!

Dancing offers a harmonious blend of physical activity, social engagement, and mental stimulation. It serves as an exceptional workout, benefiting both physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, it enriches social connections, alleviates stress, fosters relaxation, and brings about immense joy.

Regardless of the dance style, every form of dance presents a marvelous avenue for self-expression and unleashing creativity. Given these compelling reasons, there’s no better time than now to embark on your dance journey. Take the leap and enroll in your dance lessons today. Here are a few classes you might be interested in:

Tap – Tap dance is characterized by its distinctive use of tap shoes equipped with metal plates on the heels and toes. If you’re drawn to tap dance, it’s likely because this captivating dance form allows individuals to generate rhythmic patterns and beats with their feet, effectively transforming themselves into percussive instruments as they dance.

Jazz – Jazz dance is celebrated for its spirited rhythms, with dancers frequently accentuating off-beats and incorporating intricate footwork. It represents a dynamic and ever-evolving mode of artistic expression. The allure of jazz dance lies in its capacity to blend the best of traditional jazz, modern dance, ballet, and popular dance styles, resulting in a versatile and captivating form. It’s no wonder that many individuals are enticed by jazz dance’s dynamic nature and its ability to continuously push the boundaries of movement and style.

Ballroom – Ballroom dance is characterized by its elegant movements, footwork, and close connection between dance partners. Ballroom dance has gained popularity worldwide. For this reason, you may have recently become intrigued by this dance style. It’s a great form of dance to enroll in for couples interested in partner dance. The partnership in this dance fosters a sense of connection and collaboration as the dancers learn to communicate and move together.

Latin – Latin dances are renowned for their energetic rhythms and dynamic cultural expressions. These captivating dances are embraced both socially and in competitive environments, often showcased in clubs and events. Numerous students find great delight in Latin dance due to its passionate and expressive movements. Engaging in Latin dance provides an ideal avenue to connect intimately with music and liberate one’s inner confidence.

Hip Hop – Emerging in the United States during the 1970s, this dance style bursts with vitality. Its energetic movements render it an exceptional aerobic activity, fostering enhanced fitness levels and cardiovascular health. The infectious rhythm and captivating beats of the music we dance to will undoubtedly catch your ear and uplift your spirits. Additionally, you’ll master intricate footwork and precise body isolations, resulting in improved coordination and balance.

best Dance Lessons Durham CTKids Dance Classes

Are you looking to enroll your child in a dance class? Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Middletown is the studio for your tiny dancer!

Our dance classes provide children with a fun way to express themselves creatively. Furthermore, your child will be able to connect with other kids who share a common interest in a fun atmosphere. They’ll make new friends, explore a new hobby, and improve their physical fitness in just a few sessions.


  • No partner is needed for dance lessons Durham CT.
  • Kids dance lessons – Adult dance lessons – Couples dance lessons – Senior dance lessons Durham CT.
  • Private dance lessons with customized instruction by our certified instructors. Tailored to your level, learning style, and unique goals.
  • Dance Lessons Durham CT residents love are available in-person at our newly renovated location in Middletown. We also offer online Zoom dance lessons. 


Tap Dance Spotlight: The term “single buffalo” in tap dance refers to a combination of steps characterized by a lively sequence of movements, including shuffles, hops, and turns. Its name originates from the resemblance of the dancer’s motions to those of a buffalo.

To execute the single buffalo step, the dancer starts with a shuffle step. This involves brushing one foot forward and swiftly stepping onto it while brushing the other foot backward. Following the shuffle, the dancer performs a hop, gracefully landing on the balls of their feet. After this, a quick turn is executed before returning to the initial position. The dancer often repeats this sequence in a rhythmic manner captivating their audience.

DID YOU KNOW?  We can prepare you for competitive dance! In our competitive classes, we prioritize choreography and precision. We focus on assisting students with thoroughly preparing for competitions, ensuring they perform to the best of their abilities. We provide comprehensive support to our competing dancers, enabling them to excel in their routines and deliver exceptional performances on stage.

While competitive dance demands a greater time commitment for training and perfecting routines, many of our students find the experience immensely rewarding once they step into the competitive dance arena. It’s an exhilarating thrill to showcase the moves they’ve mastered in front of an audience and the competititon’s judges.



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