Join the Conversation!

Dance Chat Weekly

We are proud to present Dance Chat Weekly hosted by Ms. Albina A. Habrle!

This exciting, interactive segment will take place every weekend – dates & times to be announced – and will feature an interview with a superb special guest from our dance industry!


We want you to get involved!
Our special guests will be answering your questions LIVE during the Dance Chat Weekly segment! Don’t be shy, submit your questions prior to the weekly show! All questions are welcome!

Submitting Your Questions
We ask that questions are submitted prior to the segment! Your questions can be submitted in 3 ways:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email You Studio
  • Contact Your Professionals Directly

Following your purchase and payment, a Zoom link will be directly sent to you via email. A link may also be requested via a Facebook private message to your home studio. We strongly encourage registering early and being sure to submit any questions you would like answered during show time!

For more information, please contact your studio today!