Fred Astaire Dance Studios takes pride in the quality of training and professionalism of their Instructors.  They go through detailed and rigorous dance sessions in order to pass certification exams every six months. This allows them to provide the best instruction to anyone and everyone that walks in the studio.

Hayk Arshakian – Owner

The Pewaukee Dance Studio is owned by Hayk Arshakian. Hayk started dancing when he was 6 years old and is a former Armenian Champion in International Latin. He has now been with the Fred Astaire Organization for over 18 years. Other titles include: Fred Astaire Rhythm Champion, 11-time Untied States Finalist in American Rhythm, 5-time United states Pro/Am Champion in American Rhythm & International Latin. He is also a member of the Fred Astaire Dance Board, a National Judge & Coach. He is living his dream and shares the love of dance with thousands of people every year.

“Dance is a hobby that’s good for the health of both your body and your brain. There is not one client who has walked in that we have not been able to teach. I have had people say to me that they didn’t believe they could complete a 2 minute dance so gracefully with no mistakes but are so proud of what they can do.”

Tom Hicks – Studio Manager

Tom Hicks is a highly experienced Ballroom dance teacher and competitor with over 40 years experience devoted to helping his students reach their dance goals and aspirations while having fun. He is extremely excited to be a part of the Pewaukee Fred Astaire family and to bring his love and passion for dance to Fred Astaire’s dance family.

Besides being the consummate dance teacher, Tom has filled many positions in the management of ballroom dance businesses including the ownership and management of the Regency Ballroom Dance Studio in Palos Verdes California, one of the most prestigious ballroom dance studios in Southern California. Tom has also served as a ballroom competition adjudicator. Through coaching and mentoring, Tom has enabled many up and coming dance professionals to achieve their certifications.

As a dancer and competitor, Tom garnered many awards and laureates during his outstanding Amateur and Professional career. Tom started dancing at age 6. Just before joining the ranks of the professional dance scenes as a competitor, Tom graduated from the prestigious Brigham Young University and was awarded the U.S. Amateur Latin champion title. During his professional competitive years, Tom was awarded U.S. Rising Star International Latin Champion, United States Amateur Latin and 10 Dance Champion in 1991, United States Professional Rising Star Latin Champion in 1994, and 4th in the United States Professional Latin Final held in Miami Florida. Under the aegis of the International Society of Teachers and Dancers, Tom maintains his credentials as a World Class Adjudicator in Latin, Standard, Rhythm, Smooth, and Theatre Arts dance categories.

Timeka Shilka – Instructor

Originally from Stevens Point, Ms. Timeka started with Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2010. She loves teaching at our Studio, because every day is different! She always meets new people and helps them accomplish a variety of goals and learn new things every day. Most rewarding to her is, knowing that she helped make a difference in the lives of her students.

Her advice/motto: Great teamwork is key, and the rest is practice and patience. Fred Astaire didn’t become who he was in a few hours.

Aaron Ordaz – Instructor

Joining us from Ohio in 2014, Mr. Aaron not only is an instructor but he thrives to help people to learn and reach their goals and dreams through dance. He loves the feeling of a family and team at the studio. He is inspired by the students who feel the joy in dancing like he does. Most rewarding for him working at Fred Astaire is the support he receives in his growth for his future carrier.

His advice/motto: If you are going to do it, dive in! You will only enjoy, if you give it 100%

Zachary – Instructor

Originally from New Mexico, Mr. Zachary started instructing at our Studio in 2015. He loves being able to change one’s life through dance, even if it is only one lesson he believes that it can cause a ripple effect on life. He is inspired by the growth students go through from their first lesson and where they are now. Most rewarding to him is seeing distracted and busy clients leave the studio happy and fulfilled with energy and positive attitude.

His advice/motto: No matter what, remember that the biggest hurdle is walking through the door! Once you past through relax and enjoy the process of dancing.


Ariel – Instructor

Moving from New Mexico and joining our Studio in July, Ms. Ariel loves giving people of all ages the opportunity to express themselves in a new way physically and emotionally possible. She is inspired by her students, who start to understand and embody the essence of each dance. She is proud and honored when her students show the confidence to dance with each other in a social setting. Seeing students reach their goals in a fulfilling manner and giving students something new and taking them away from their daily routine is most rewarding to her.

Her advice/motto: It’s the journey that matters, as no one truly knows what the destination will be.

Catey Rice – Junior Program Coordinator

From Milwaukee, Ms. Catey is our Junior program coordinator at the studio. She started with the company in 2006 after retiring her amateur carrier to become a professional dancer and dance instructor. She likes being a part of an organization that can change peoples’ lives on so many different levels, all while doing something she loves. She enjoys inspiring students of all ages with the love of dance and creating new passions/paths in their lives because of dance. Most rewarding to her is being able to work with students from all walks of life and getting to dance every day!

Kristal Burkholz – Office Manager

Ms. Kristal is our Office Manager. She loves working for Fred Astaire Dance Studios, she thinks this is the greatest place to work. “Every day I get to see people from beginners to competitor level, come in to dance and they always have a smile on their faces. I watch them get excited to get on the dance floor, whether it’s to polish up a routine for an upcoming wedding, dance with their spouse for some together time or they need to De-stress from the day or they are looking for some exercise, they are always having fun.”

You will also see her sometimes on the floor dancing with her husband taking lessons as well or at our regional competitions at the registration desk

Yvette – Scheduling Coordinator and Marketing Executive

Originally from Waukesha, Ms. Yvette is our Scheduling coordinator and marketing executive. You will hear her voice on the phones when you request information about our lessons here at the studio. She started with Fred Astaire in 2007. She loves working here, because she can meet and interact with people. Most inspiring to her is when people walk through the door with no previous dance experience and falling in love with dancing. Most rewarding to her is seeing students accomplish their goals be it social dancing for date night, weight loss, exercise or any kind of benefit.

Advice/Motto: “If you can walk you can dance”