Don’t Be That Guy

Are you that guy?

The guy standing on the side, watching everyone dance and having fun, wishing you could get out there and lead a gorgeous woman on the dance floor.

The guy kicking at his own heels, regretting the opportunity to learn to dance and impress himself and everyone out there.

I remember a video ad that showed a man walking into a dance club, maybe it was an event or a party. In any case, people were dancing and having a great time and the main character stands off to the side, looking foolish, not knowing what to do, a classic wallflower.

There are so many of those guys around – but there don’t have to be!

Don’t be that guy.

It just takes some effort. Dancing is a skill that can be taught and learned. So many people don’t make the time or effort to try, and then they wish they had. Maybe it’s the office holiday party, your niece’s wedding, your high school reunion.

Wherever it is, you’ll end up standing to the side of the dance floor, wishing you’d made the time to learn.

Stop the horror before it happens. Take the time now so you’re never that guy. You’ll be able to ask somebody to dance, get on the floor and enjoy yourself with everybody else.