Group Lessons & Dance Parties

It happens every night. 

Six, eight, 10, 12, sometimes even more, students gather in our larger ballroom, ready for a lesson. They wear casual clothes, workout attire, dresses and slacks. Whatever they feel comfortable moving in. 

Faces are bright, turned toward the light. Smiles abound. Maybe you recognize someone in the group, and maybe you don’t know anyone.  

The teacher gathers the group together with an expansive wave of the hand, welcoming everyone to the evening’s group dance lesson. The music clicks onpulsating beats fill the room. The instructor leads the group in a step, a move, an arm, a connection. 

Together, participants glide along the floor, switch partners, move up and down the line, until everyone has danced with everyone.  

Exhilarated, the group dissolves and everyone waves a good night to their new friends. They move on to their own destinations, or perhaps they go out together to continue the fun. Regardless of their next steps, they always leave with a smile on their faces and a lightness to their steps. 

Students who take private lessons have the unique opportunity to participate in our free group. Dance lessons every single night of the week, dance parties weekly. 

We encourage everyone to take us up on this great opportunity. Why? Because the more you dance, the more you can dance. 

With Fred Astaire, we find that the fastest, easiest way for people to learn to dance well and confidently is weekly private lessons, group lessons and dance parties. All together, it builds muscle memory quickly, along with repetition so you learn faster. 

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!