It’s Your Time To Dance Again

You see the commercials running on TV and in the paper. Backpacks and notebooks, shiny sneakers and new lunchboxes.

It’s time for back to school!

And that means, it’s time for you to dance.

I’m not kidding! As kids leave for college or simply start a new school year, parents have time to remember who they are and what makes them happy. And I’m hoping dance is part of that scenario.

Especially for moms who may not work outside the home, it’s imperative to make time for ourselves!

While the kids are in school is the perfect time for parents to delve into a new pursuit. Make it dance. Come to the studio, fasten your dancing shoes, and take to the parquet.

The enthusiasm, physical energy, emotional connection and outright fun of learning to ballroom dance can really make your day. It’s a way to get in shape and make new friends. It’s a way to focus on your own talents and flair.

Many American women grew up taking dance classes. As they went off to college, grew up and got married, that interest in, or time for, dance, disappeared.

This is the time. Time to get back into dance for yourself, to reignite that love.

It’s a physical activity that gives you grace, artistry, style, beauty and partnership. So many women fall into the role of being mother, partner, housewife, careerist. Where is the time for yourself?

Now is the time. Take care of yourself and other things will start to fall into place.