Just Dance

I’ve lost count of how many times someone asks me if they need a partner to come into our studio to dance.

The quick answer is: NO.

Just come in! Get started. Strap on your dance shoes.

Whether you’re single and without a partner, or your partner has no interest in dancing, nothing should stop you from fulfilling your desire to dance.

Your instructor becomes your partner. You meet friends in dance classes and at dance parties and some of them can become dance partners, too.

More than 50 percent of our students are either married to a partner who doesn’t want to dance or they do not have a partner, so they come in on their own to dance and meet other people.

A 2015 Washington Post article shared why it’s so important to do activities alone. Simply put, too many people are missing out on fun activities and opportunities because they don’t have someone readily available to do it with them.

The other day I heard a teenager comment on how she had “extreme FOMO” – Fear Of Missing Out. Don’t let your own FOMO stop you from stepping foot into the dance studio and kicking up your heels. We’re here for you. Just do it.