Why Couples Dance


It’s easy to fall in love when you’re young and unencumbered – by big careers or lots of children. It’s easy to find time for one another. It’s easy to carve out couple-time.

But that changes as life marches on. You start missing one another, ships passing, running to obligations like soccer games and parent-teacher meetings, staff retreats and business trips.

Flirting young African American womanAnd one day, you wake up and the kids are grown and you’ve spent three decades in a career and the person across the kitchen table from you seems unfamiliar.

How to reconnect?

Senior couple man giving bouquet to womanFind something to do together that brings you closer. That reignites the spark that brought you together all those years ago.

Dance is a great way to rekindle your relationship – at any stage of the game. We recently featured a couple reconnecting through dance in our studio and how their relationship was reborn through this precious time together.

The story went viral. Check it out here.