Your First Steps into a Ballroom Dance Studio


The first step is always the hardest...
The first step is always the hardest…

Welcome! You’ve taken the plunge and stepped inside our dance studio. Probably, you’ve been greeted by a smiling face at the front desk, asking “How can we make you smile?”

That’s our focus. Making you smile. Making you happy. Making sure your life is infused with joy.

That’s what happens here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. You come in and step onto the dance floor, and your instructor welcomes you with a huge smile and an open heart and leads you step by step to learn how to dance.

You stand tall and proud, learn your frame, learn how to work with another person with grace and style and confidence.

The music starts. You try one tentative step, then another, and before you know it you are effortlessly gliding through the moves on autopilot.

Our private lessons are a great way to make quick progress, and then when you attend our group lessons – sometimes right after your private! – and our dance parties, you practice with other warm and welcoming friendly folks and that’s where the fun happens.

A dancing couple warming up.
A dancing couple warming up.

The hardest part of learning to dance is taking the first step into our studio, but you’ve already faced that fear and won.

Now that you’re here, you realize there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, no one ever feels like a fool, and dancing is a fun way to meet new friends, get exercise, and find steady happiness.

Our teachers are consummate professionals who love teaching you to dance. They’ll shake your hand, ask about you and your interests, and get to know you and what brought you to dance.

Either your teacher will become your dance partner, or you can come with a friend or life partner to learn to dance together. Not having a partner is no barrier to dance.

While the music plays, we laugh, we are at ease, we have the best time.

And then, you’ll be surprised by what unfolds. Many of our students become lifelong friends. We have a community here. After group lessons and dance parties, many students continue the fun by going for a meal together, talking late into the night.

The fun, the energy, the friendliness, that’s what dancing at Fred Astaire is all about. We’re so glad you’ve joined us.