Changes & Opportunities

Recently, Fred Astaire underwent a leadership shift at the national level, as our CEO sold his stock and four owners took over – Stephen Knight, John Gates, Bruno Collins and Luann Pullam.

Changes at the top trickle down to changes at the regional and studio level, too. Here in Michigan, after 11 years of being a studio owner, I’ve been asked to become the area developer for the entire state of Michigan.

That means more studios – maybe in SE Michigan, maybe in West Michigan, maybe Up North. The sky is the limit (or at least, the borders of the state of Michigan are the limit for now).

This means many more people will be learning to dance and loving it at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in the great state of Michigan.

In 2018, look for a new studio in metro Detroit. Later next year, I anticipate opening a third studio in Metro Detroit, perhaps further west. I’ll be the area developer building the Fred Astaire brand throughout Michigan, and I am so excited about this great opportunity.

My vision is to have 10 studios in Michigan in the next 10 years. And with that growth, we will have our own regional dance competitions within Michigan, bringing together eager dancers from across the state.

With changes come opportunities. A chance to learn, a chance to grow. Sure, change can be scary, but it can also be exciting – especially when you don’t yet know how wonderful it can be.