Lucky 13

We’ve been in business 13 years and counting! A few weeks into 2018, we were already 30% over our revenues from 2017, and last year, we grew more than I could have anticipated.

It’s crazy to be in a business year after year that continues to grow like crazy. And it’s crazy to be in a business for 13 years that you still love doing every single day.

In the dance business, work is always fun. There’s music playing, people smiling, activity going on.

I’m always learning how to be a better manager, a better owner, a better partner with my lovely wife and business partner Lada.

Being a successful dance studio owner comes down to three main factors: training staff (in business & in dance), motivating staff (no matter what that takes), and getting new people in the door.

If ever I get distracted and lose focus, I glance at the white board in my office and focus on the three main words that keep me grounded, and keep us successful: Train, Motivate, Interviews.

That’s what guarantees success. Here’s to a great 13th year – and beyond.