Team-Building through Ballroom Dance

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Over the years, we’ve spent time with companies and organizations, building connections through dance. Lately, we’ve had an increasing number of inquiries from different types of opportunities.

Recently, we partnered with Eisenhower Dance Company to teach salsa at the company’s Family Day. Salsa isn’t part of their typical repertoire, so we’re working on team-building and deepening connections with the company through dance instruction.

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The Detroit Zoo contacted us recently as well, and we will be participating in a staff gathering later this month. There will be a variety of activities to develop a sense of community among employees, and our part will include teaching salsa and merengue.

All companies aspire to build a satisfied, invested team and you can build the team in a variety of ways. Some companies do high ropes courses and retreats. Others engage in company trips, inspiring speakers at luncheons, and other ways to help generate goodwill toward the company and a sense of satisfaction for working there.

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We believe dance is a great way to build a sense of community among co-workers. Especially considering how well ballroom dance achieves a sense of well-being, improves health and brain function, and brings people together, eye-to-eye, hand-to-hand, in a bonding activity where they can laugh, stumble, chat, and have fun.

Consider ballroom dance for your next team-building endeavor!