Looking for a Few Good Dance Teachers

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s hard to find good dance teachers.

I post jobs locally, and no one applies. In order to meet the demand for instruction, I jump through hoops to obtain visas to bring teachers to America from overseas.

Why can’t I can’t find American dancers? I look hard, far and wide, and we are always in the market to hire more teachers. And yet, no local residents apply. What’s going on?

This is a great opportunity for a talented, fit individual. We want to be able to grow as a business, to open new studios, to bring on new talent and serve our enthusiastic students.

We pay our teachers really well – five of our eight instructors last year made more than $50,000, which is a great salary for a full-time dance instructor. The average dance teacher in the United States earns $28,000 a year.

Our dance teachers receive dance training, opportunities to travel, fun, active work every single day. A great team. Benefits (I pay 50% of their health care, unheard of in this industry!).

And they have an opportunity to own their own studios, to grow in this business, not just be a dance teacher for a few years. Working with us, a dance instructor can end up building a satisfying, lifelong career, making really good money and seeing the world.

So what’s the deal? Why aren’t more good Americans applying to work here?

If you know someone – or if you’re interested – email me or private message me on Facebook! I’d love to interview you.