What Makes Us a Top Studio?

Since we recently received our second consecutive Top Studio-Runner Up award at the Fred Astaire National Dance Championships, meaning we are the second best studio in the nation, we thought it might be interesting to understand what, exactly, makes us a top studio.

It’s pretty simple. It’s the quality of our teachers and the competitiveness of our students. And how do we achieve such top quality?

We set goals – as a studio, as instructors, as students. When we have something to work toward, it inspires and motivates us to work harder to get there.

Fred Astaire’s formula of the number of dances performed at a competition plus how well the competitors do as they compete, determines overall talent, ability, dedication and style. The best get there by working hard, working focused, and not shying away from challenge.

The quality of our dancing is top notch because our instructors are top notch. It’s a way of teaching dance, a perspective. And we are proud to have it.Fred Astaire National Dance Championships