Summer is Competition Season

Fred Astaire students are excited when summer comes close because that’s when many of our best competitions take place.

This summer, we have a FADS Michigan studio competition in June, an August show and the Fred Astaire world championships at the end of July. Not to mention many competitions across the country and around the world in which our ambitious, talented students plan to compete.

People are consistently amazed that they venture on into dance competing. Most people don’t walk into our studio with competition on their minds. No, beginning students simply want a new activity, or to build some coordination, or perhaps just to meet new friends.

But once bitten by the dance bug (Jitterbug? Pun intended.), students routinely want to find new challenges and new opportunities. Dance competitions are a great way to set a course for new skills and more challenging goals – which motivates students to work harder to attain them.

At the recent Michigan Dance Challenge, the state’s largest ballroom competition which brings together studios across Michigan, our studio won Top Studio for the second year in a row and many of our students placed high in their respective competition categories.

Competing is a way to celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come. To share your dance talent. To make new friends. To don an exquisite costume and sleek dance shoes and gracefully float across the parquet.

Dance competitions are truly for everyone. They’re not just for hard-core athletes or professional dancers. Competitions are not just something you see in the movies.

They are attainable, fun opportunities for anyone who wants to dance. Even you.