Take The Stage

Fred Astaire competes at Bloomfield Hills High School

This summer, Fred Astaire Dance Studio students took to the stage at Bloomfield Hills High School, delighting audiences and dancing up a storm for our annual summer show.

Held August 25th, our annual summer dance show has evolved from an in-studio soiree featuring the homegrown talent and flair of our students to a destination dance gala with our students kicking it up a notch as they prepared dazzling performances for their dance peers.

With any skill, it’s important to work toward a goal, and dance is no different. We encourage our students from day one to think about why they’re here and what they hope to achieve.

Fred Astaire of Bloomfield Hills competes in competition

Creating opportunities to show off their new skills is one step in that journey. We plan at least two studio shows yearly, giving students something to work toward.

There’s nothing like performing the dance steps you’ve practiced for weeks or months. Yes, many dancers experience a quick case of the jitters, but that doesn’t stop them from braving the dance floor and showing what they can do.

And our students are a fantastic audience. Whooping, cheering, clapping – the enthusiasm is deafening, a great support for first-time performers and repeats as well.

Take a look at these fantastic photos of our summer dance show – and consider performing next time!