2017 Was a Great Year


The results are in for 2017, and the results are good.

We grew by 23%, which surpassed our goal, again, for the third year in a row. Yay us!

Yay everyone who helped us get there. Students, teachers, staff. All the media outlets who told our stories. All the support staff on every level who helped us come together and be successful.

As I tell my teachers, there are always ups and downs during the year, but overall everybody worked together and the result is we continued to grow.

That’s what happens when you have a strong team. Coordinated, comprehensive growth.

Yay us!

Students come and go, teachers come and go, but as long as the structure remains strong and we continue to focus on the end result, we’ll grow.

Going into 2018, I’m even more optimistic because of the momentum I’m feeling with new students, new opportunities, new things going on. I believe we’re going to continue to grow during 2018, at least by 20%.

We ended 2017 as the 4th largest Fred Astaire Dance Studio in the country. We are the largest ballroom dance studio in Michigan by far.

Last year, when we saw unprecedented annual growth, I took my team on a winter retreat as a reward. We’re doing it again this year, heading to Universal Studios in Florida in February. The entire staff is going for a fully paid vacation retreat…we’ll run around and get crazy for the weekend.

Let’s celebrate jobs well done, a cohesive team, a vision we all can believe in.

New year 2017 change to 2018 concept, Hand flip wood cube