A Truly Unique Dance

We are not just a dance studio focused on bringing in students and winning competitions. We are a place where dreams actually come true.

Recently, thanks to our dedicated Dance Mobility program, under the leadership of the amazing Cheryl Angelelli, we had the opportunity to assist a 17-year-old local girl go to her high school prom – even though she cannot walk.

Ewenique Wilson is a local teen who was hit with a neurological disease in January that rendered her unable to walk. A student at Oak Park High School, Ewenique is relegated to a wheelchair, though doctors say she may eventually be able to regain the ability to walk.

Nonetheless, today she does not have that ability, and despite this sudden challenge, Ewenique really wanted to attend her prom.

Our devoted student Cheryl Angelelli has been working with Ewenique, along with our instructors Tamerlan and Misha, to teach her wheelchair dance.

What’s more, WDIV Channel 4 caught the story and told it beautifully on TV recently. (Check out the segment here.)

Teaching people how to dance is special for us and fun, but in this situation, we really helped this lovely young lady have some joy in her life and feel like she can go to her senior prom and dance. It was really cool.

I watched the filming of the TV segment, thinking, we do fun things. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place as we filmed Ewenique’s story.