Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Among the three biggest health benefits of dancing is the knowledge that it’s the best activity for cognitive memory, helping to reduce the risk of memory loss and memory-related disease.

This month, which is known nationally as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we at Fred Astaire Dance Studio focus on the benefits of dance, be they physical, social or mental.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan designated November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. At that time, fewer than 2 million Americans had Alzheimer’s; today, the number of people with the disease has soared to nearly 5.4 million.

Here’s a peek into the many major benefits of dancing:

Physical benefits: dancing is a non-impact aerobic activity that’s great for your heart. Plus, dancing builds flexibility and balance, and it’s fun so you’re more likely stick with it than, say, a less enticing exercise like a treadmill.

Social benefits: Dancing forces you to connect with others. It may be your spouse or a friend; regardless, you’re making a connection. We’re on our phones and social media and computers all the time that we’re not communicating with people. On the dance floor, you are able to make a connection with somebody. Dancing is safe physical contact that reminds us of the power of touch.

Mental benefits: Dance promotes relaxation. Stress relief. You will forget about what happened at work and what’s going on with the kids. But even more, the long-term benefits show that ballroom dancing is the best activity for prevention of dementia and Alzheimers, better than crossword puzzles. You have to think while you’re moving your feet!

When somebody gets kicked off a dance show like Dancing With The Stars, they say ‘this is the best experience of my life’ because they feel so connected. The feel-good endorphins from the physical activity are coursing through them and they’re happy, relaxed, motivated.

You don’t have to be a celebrity on a national TV show to experience all the benefits of dance. Just step into our studio. The rest will happen effortlessly.