Dancing With a Purpose

It’s that time again.

Time to start working with the Pink Fund for Dancing with the Survivors and with the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Foundation for Dancing With Our Stars.

These are two fundraisers we do every year to promote meaningful nonprofits through dance. The Pink Fund supports people battling breast cancer; Dancing with the Survivors will be Friday, October 5, 2018 at the Gardens in Southfield.

In addition to our Dance Mobility program, we partner with the RIM Foundation for their event, Dancing With Our Stars, which will take place September 22, 2018 at the Sound Board in Detroit.

We start now to work with people from both events, to prepare their dancers to perform at the events. It’s always interesting for me to meet with the new people, talk to them about their expectations and outline how we’re going to get them ready.

I find out about what genre of music they like, what they do on a daily basis, how they picture themselves dancing. From now until the events, I love seeing the progress these dedicated dancers make. I love to see their excitement, their nervous anticipation dissipate and make room for the confidence that undoubtedly emerges.

And then, when they perform, it’s a real coup, as we see everything come to life – dreams, hopes, moves some dancers never imagined they could do.

It takes a lot of time to get dancers ready to perform, which is why we start now. Come fall, they’ll be dancing with ease, since we have the whole summer to build muscle memory. Their performances drive support of their purposeful organizations. People who attend the event see their incredible talents despite whatever odds they may have faced, and say, if they can dance like that, maybe I can do. Maybe anything is possible.

Because it is.