Don’t Fear the Dance

I know everyone can learn how to ballroom dance. The question is, do you have the courage to take the first step?

IMG_0684Men in particular seem extra-nervous about the prospect of dancing. I run into people who proclaim they have always wanted to learn how to dance. My response: “Ok! Well then walk in and try it.”

That’s when the fear pours forth. So many people are scared. I’ve even seen individuals come into our studio to buy gift certificates for someone else to dance – but what about themselves?

This past summer, we worked with several players on the Detroit Tigers, and I remember one prominent player coming into the studio. He’s on TV all the time, as an athlete, as a commentator, and seems so comfortable in the public eye.

But when it came to the dance floor, he was frozen in his tracks. Luckily, he was honest enough to tell me.

I still couldn’t get over it. This man, whom everyone knows as a local celebrity, nervous to dance?

What is it about dancing that seems scarier than performing or speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of people?

The truth is, there is nothing to be afraid of.

No one judges. If anything, the endorphins generated by dancing put everyone in a good and generous mood where they see only joy and happiness around them.

No one falls. Really. Even the worst dancers do not tumble to the ground. Our teachers guide our students in a step-by-step discovery of their own inner talent to move on the parquet.

No one is prevented from dancing. That’s the honest truth. Every single person who summons the courage to step into the studio and try finds that they can, in fact, dance. One day at a time, one step at a time, the music plays and they can move to it.

It’s true enough for you. Give dance a try!