Everyone Can Dance!

When I started this business, I had no idea that one day, we would be welcoming in dancers in wheelchairs, dancers on the Autism spectrum, dancers who had survived cancer.

What I’ve learned by creating programs that focus on these populations and more is that dancing is for everyone.

There is no boundary to dance! Even the ones we traditionally think may be barriers.

Our Dance Mobility program is thriving and bursting at the seams. Our Autistic adults are enjoying our weekly dance classes. And usually the people that say they can’t dance because they’re embarrassed or afraid or recall a past horrifying experience in middle school, I just don’t buy it anymore. They can dance because I can, you can, we all can.

All the hesitations we build up in our minds are fictions. We can banish them if we choose.

In 10 years of business, I’ve heard so many excuses for why a person can’t dance. And then they start. And all the protestations melt away.

Now, they come regularly, link up with their new friends and community in our studio, and they’re enjoying it. In fact, they’re loving it.

That’s part of why I love this business so much. I like to work with different populations to help them but also to show that everybody can dance. It reminds me that anything I think I can’t do, I’d better think again.

I know everyone can learn how to dance. The question is do you have the courage to start?