Growing Good Employees

In 10 years of business, Lada and I have had many different employees.

Some were fantastic, people with great energy whom you just love.

Employees like that stay as long as they can and when they leave, we wish them well and know that they will always be friends who are welcome in our studio.

Some employees, however, you never want to see again.

We’ve had employees who have snuck around and lied. They’ve lacked ethics, morals, and loyalty. And as a business owner, nothing drives me more crazy than a bad employee.

I always try to help; I don’t want the bad ones to taint my view of the potential good ones.

When you give the benefit of the doubt to others, you’re going to get burned at times. Not everyone is deserving of that trust.

We have had some unbelievable stories – one employee stole Lada’s wedding ring, and another told me tragic stories to convince me to loan them money, all of which ended up being untrue.

But in the end, it’s ok because there are people out there worth working with. We just continue putting our hands out and try again.

We’re always trying to find the best employees possible, people who are team players.

Someone who is all about themselves, who talks in the background during training or teaching, that’s not someone we want in our studio.

We look for people who are positive and will work easily with others.

A good employee is honest, communicates well and is not just a great dancer, but even more importantly, is a great dance instructor.

In my business, it’s more important that they are able to teach our students than just be able to dance themselves.

We are a business built on the concept of joy and community, of coming together to do something fun and share it with people who care. Those qualities must speak to someone who wants to work here, and if they do, then I know we’ve found someone worth keeping.