Helping Studios Succeed

Evan Mountain has become the area developer for Fred Astaire in Michigan

I am so excited to become the Area Developer for Fred Astaire in Michigan.

This means I get to help dance studios succeed. I am literally bursting with excitement at the thought of helping more studios flourish in Michigan.

Too often, dance instructors become studio owners without truly knowing how to run a business. You can be good at what you do, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be good at running a business involving your talent.

So many entrepreneurs find this out the hard way. You’re a wonderful chef, making creative dishes for friends and family. Maybe you even sell your baked goods. But then you open a bakery and running systems, buying equipment, managing staff, and magnifying your recipes to feed crowds isn’t quite the same thing. Some people buckle under the stress of taking their talent to the next level.

That’s why I am so excited to help others do it.

I am good at running a business. It helps that I’m passionate about ballroom dance, too. But I come to it with the eyes of an entrepreneur so that we can all succeed.

When you learn how to work ON your business, rather than working IN your business, the business grows. The possibilities are limitless.

When the business succeeds, everyone in it is happy. They enjoy their work. They want to work more. Everyone becomes a brand ambassador, paying it forward indefinitely. Good begets good.

And when all of this happens, you’re happy in life. Happiness at work and happiness at home are linked.

Any dancer can open a studio…few can succeed at running them. Let me show you how.

Contact me to learn about becoming a Fred Astaire studio in Michigan!