It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

You are capable of amazing things! It is never too late to revisit and relive your deepest desires

We posted these words on our Facebook page and got a response that seriously floored me: 256 likes, 5 comments, 21 shares.

Off the board compared to other FB posts, and with no boosting!

Why is this important? Because the message resonates. People see this it’s never too late mantra, which I say all the time, and remember how they loved dancing when they were younger and this phrase encourages them to finally do what they’ve always wanted to do but been to afraid to try.

The saying hits a nerve. It’s not too late to go out there and dance and enjoy yourself.

We have ladies coming in and dancing who danced when they were younger and stopped because life got in the way. They went off to college, married, had children, and only after all the dust settles, do they remember how much they wanted to dance and how important it is in this one life to do the things you yearn for.

So they dance.

When we are children, we know ourselves well. The things we do easily, that we gravitate to, we break into song or dance around the family room or run just to feel the wind in our lungs – those are core principles of who we truly are.

But it gets lost as we get serious, grow up and get jobs, do the obligatory things.

And somewhere in mid-life we say, what is it all for? Why am I working so hard? Isn’t life supposed to be fun?

And that’s where we can finally focus on ourselves, on what we want, on our dreams and desires, and say, yes, it is supposed to be fun. Just dance. 

What we loved as children never goes away. It just gets shoved in a corner and obscured as truth. As adults, it’s up to us to dig through the layers until we hit upon who we were always meant to be – and start being it.

Even if it means signing up for dance.