Michigan is a Great Place

Recently, Lada and I sold our house in Waterford and one week to move everything out and into our new house in Detroit. While we were slammed for time, we were also committed to a weekend trip to Mackinac Island to close out summer and enjoy the northern reaches of our state.

Although our winters may be long, Michigan is such a great place to live. I read recently that by the year 2100, more people will be moving to Michigan because of extreme weather events in other states (think hurricanes, flooding, wildfires). Yes, we have cold, long winters, but they are bearable.

And the rest of the time, it’s simply incredible.

Michigan’s natural beauty is extensive and inspiring. The energy of new development going on within Detroit (and elsewhere in the state, like Grand Rapids) is uplifting. We have abundant fresh water, varying landscape, Great Lakes known as inland seas, friendly people, and long stretches of open space and dark night sky.

Even our storms are bearable. Hands down, the Mitten State is a great place to live.

When horrific hurricanes hit in Houston and Florida, I thought of all the dancers and dance instructors who were out of work due to flooded or destroyed studios that had to close to rebuild. That never happens here in Michigan.

All told, we have it pretty good. A great place to live, an affordable cost of living, and nice people to boot. We can travel to see the world, but I wouldn’t want to reside anywhere else.