Secure, Safe Dancing

We’re constantly taking steps to ensure our students’ safety.

Some students dance late at night; some come during the day. We keep our eye on security in and around the studio. We must feel safe not only on the dance floor, but on our way to and from it.

Recently, we invested in eight security cameras to monitor movements outside the studio, so everybody feels comfortable and safe. Not that we were worried! But things can happen, and we want to ensure they won’t happen here.

Investments pay off. We are devoted to investing in whatever we need to make Fred Astaire Dance Studio the safest, most supportive place to learn to dance.

If our students don’t feel safe and secure when they’re coming here, day or night, they can’t concentrate on dancing and learning. I know every person that comes into our studio. The more we look out for one another, the safer we will all be.