Sharing our Knowledge

Thanks to the innovative interests of our partner, Cheryl Angelelli, and the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan – Dance Medicine Program, we recently welcomed sports medicine specialists, physical therapists and others working with RIM to our studio for a workshop on flexibility for dance and preventative medicine.

We’ve been in business for 11 years, and this is the first time we’ve focused attention on the importance of warming up before dancing. Most people come to the studio, slip on their dance shoes, and take to the parquet. It’s that quick.

But as with any sport, it’s wise to stretch and warm-up before you begin – and stretch and cool down after you finish.

This recent seminar is helping us to sensitive our instructors and our students to the importance of proper stretching to maintain flexibility and health while dancing.

We want ballroom dance to be an enjoyable experience. One injury can sideline a dedicated dancer – or worse, cause long-term health problems.

Just like we would tune up a car before a long road trip or clean and maintain a musical instrument before and after use, we must view our bodies as our dance instruments and make sure they remain in top condition for as long as we are dancing.

Dance is a strenuous sport. It’s fun and makes you happy, so you don’t always notice how many muscles are working hard, along with your mental energy, while you glide across the dance floor and move in sync with the music.

It seems almost effortless. But a lot is happening on the inside, and we want everything to keep working as long as you want to dance.

Recently, we started offering free dance flexibility classes for our students. Free to current Fred Astaire Dance Studio students, this training incorporates stretching, dynamic movement, yoga and more to guide students in how to warm up for at least 10 minutes before they hit the dance floor.

Besides, there’s a great benefit to showing up a little early for class, stretching and easing not only into the muscles but also the mindset, so when your lesson begins, you are ready in every way.