Spooky Fun Dance

Halloween is my birthday, so it’s always a celebration, and fun.

I always look forward to Halloween because people get dressed up and can do things they wouldn’t normally do.

In our dance studio, we encourage this indulgence in tradition – dress up, be scary or sweet, dare to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Or things perhaps you aren’t used to doing: get in dramatic character for the tango or be passionate for a rumba.

Every year, we host a Halloween party at our studio where everybody gets dressed up in costumes, and we decorate the studio with Halloween spooky things. We dance to Halloween songs and really let loose to have fun in the holiday.

Dance can free you to be different parts of yourself. During the work week, so many of us succumb to the pressures of the workplace, getting serious, focused and structured.

Dance can release all that. You can free yourself into the steps and the movements, let the music seep inside you. Dance gives you permission to be someone else. To inhabit a character, or a different part of yourself.

That’s what I love about holidays like Halloween. For a little while, for a day, we get to forget about everything that’s bogging us down and have fun.

Be free to explore, to experiment, to try on characters. It’s not forever, just a day. But the transformation can have lasting effects.