Tell Me Something Juicy…

Speed Dating

On May 19th we held our first speed-dating event for single adults, ages 40-50. Participants were busy professionals who value their time and are tired of traditional dating approaches.

Lack of hesitation between conversations communicated respect to the attendees, that each person was aware of the idea that it’s hard to appear at events like these however, when you’re struggling for a way to engage in thoughtful, succinct discussions, events like these become more promising.

“Let’s groove tonight” by Earth, Wind, and Fire resonated between the walls of the ballroom and sparked the attention of hesitant participants ambling in. Upon entrance through the open doors, two of our dance instructors harmonized in the center of the dance floor, providing the beginning steps of a coquettish atmosphere.

There were 13 round tables set up on our dance floor with just enough space between groups to feel captivated by another’s presence. Participants received a badge bearing a number and their first name. This process correlated with a sheet of paper that participants used to note who they were interested in getting to know.

Speed Dating RoundsBefore participants sat at their first table, they grabbed a cup of punch at the bar in the ballroom. Scintillating lights sparkled over the tables as individuals took their seats.

They had five minutes to tell each other something juicy, or engage in a conversation that allowed them to open up and get to know one another warmly.

After five minutes of friendly, concentrated conversation, participants discreetly indicated whether they were interested in getting to know the other better by circling “Let’s talk again” on their sheet. As the five minutes finished, men rotated to the next table, circling in on a new lady with eagerness.

It was moving to see so many souls trying to stoke a fire. Fidgety hands under the table indicated nervousness, hyperbolic laughs increased the comfort level, and of course, there were some smitten ones who didn’t want to move on, holding up the rotation.

FADS Speed dating eventThe main goal of the event was to become comfortable with a new person. This event promotes self-reflection, wondering what you bring to the dating table. The mirrors on our walls help to remind you to be present in this moment, which is what dance is all about.

Even if you’re not interested, it’s important to be courteous and try to make the most of the conversation. Everyone has something interesting to share.

At the end of the event, we offered a free dance lesson to everyone who participated. What a great first date!

With an event like this, there is no pressure to contact anyone afterwards. Within 24 hours, participants received an email notifying them of their matches along with the contact information. After that, it’s up to them whether they wish to pursue one another.

We love to partner with organizations like Speed Dating because it brings new people into our studio in a way that encourages open-mindedness, exploration and the potential for building new relationships.

We partner with in much the same way, and find that dance is a wonderful, neutral backdrop for figuring out if you want to get to know someone better without the pressure of traditional dating settings.