The New Year of Dance

Happy New Year!

Empty road to upcoming 2017 against the big cloud

Welcome to 2017, with opportunities for growth on the horizon.

Business growth, personal growth, time to finally try that thing you’ve been wanting to try.

From where we sit, it looks like dance will continue to attract new students, new performers, and more attention on TV and around the world.

From an industry perspective, dancing continues to grow. Here are our predictions for the dance industry in 2017:

  • Ballet Studio, Old BuildingMore studios. Nationwide, dance is still on the rise. We’ll see more studios opening in Michigan and across the country. (You may even see us opening another one in Michigan!)
  • More students. People are realizing that anyone can dance. They’re coming into the studio and giving it a try. They’re inspired by popular TV dance shows and advertising images of couples happily dancing.
  • Wheelchair dance is going to take off. More and more trained instructors skilled in wheelchair dance are coming to the United States from abroad and that’s because wheelchair dance is finally becoming a real thing here in the States. Overseas, it’s always been a prominent area of competition. We are now seeing that blossom in the U.S. Check out our Dance Mobility program!
  • Wheelchair dancing in outsideReal men will dance. It’s happening even here in our town! Calvin Johnson, the big wide receiver who ended up making it to the finals on Dancing with the Stars, first thought he couldn’t dance. Such a great athlete – and yet he was afraid of the parquet. He faced his fear and found that not only could he dance, he loved the fitness and emotional benefits of it, too. Seeing a big football jock who was afraid to dance conquer his fear and really succeed is inspiring for all men.
  • Dancing will take over. I’ve been seeing a lot of ads featuring couples dancing – American Express, Viagra, you name it. It’s subtle but powerful. People are starting to relate happiness, success and satisfaction with dancing! I believe we’ll see more and more ads, commercials, and other popular culture accented by photos and videos of people dancing.