The Stories We Hear

storytelling-18642-3-1940x1293Call it the Story Corps of Dance Studios.

We really do have an interesting group of students, representing all kinds of cultures, all over the world.

Name a country and we’ve likely had someone from there as a student.

We also welcome people from different socioeconomic groups – individuals we’ve worked with from philanthropic collaborations who might not be able to afford dance lessons but with whom we get to work thanks to our collaborations.

We hear their stories, and learn about their life journeys. We meet breast cancer survivors and persons with disabilities. Retired individuals, professionals, doctors and lawyers, widows, parents with children.

orangeThis business is interesting every single day.

I always tell my staff that we have a great opportunity to meet amazing people and get to know their lives.

When we talk with our students, we enrich our own lives. When our students meet one another, they expand their circles and their knowledge – and their hearts.

Dance is a great common denominator to bring together people you would not normally meet – from the super-wealthy and the famous to everyday, hard-working folks, and everyone in between.

Dance isn’t just about moving to the music. It’s about expanding your mind.