The United Nations of Dance

European-headquarters-of-the-United-Nations-000055002480_MediumThe other day, a woman walked in with her young child and asked about dance lessons for herself, and potentially for herself with her husband. They were from India. Later, a man walked in, talked to Megan at our front desk, and, hearing an accent, he shared that he originated from France.

We have people who dance with us from all corners of the globe. Our teachers, too, hail from locations near and far. Tamerlan just came here from Azerbaijan. Yuliya is from Ukraine. My wife and co-owner, Lada, is Russian. We’ve had instructors from Central and South America and instructors from metro Detroit.

The same goes for our students. People end up here in Southeast Michigan from a variety of origins, and somehow, they find their way to our studio to dance in a place that builds accepting community whose only criteria for admittance is that you want to dance.

Flags of Nations

And meet new people.

That’s the thing about dancing: it creates a level playing field, where all people are equal, regardless of educational accomplishments, income, home size or the car they drive. Whether you are married or single, gay or straight, any race, religion or ethnicity, you are welcome here.

I’ve come to realize that at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we represent the United Nations of Dance. All people are welcome, regardless of ability.