The Why of Dance Parties

HiResWhy do we have dance parties?

The best explanation is that our dance parties are what we call a practice party.

It emulates an actual event that you would go to – a wedding or cruise or a club – that puts you on the dance floor with a lot of people, music playing, practicing what you’ll be doing outside in the rest of the world.

But, our dance parties mimic this real-world scenario in the safety and support of our controlled environment. No judgment whatsoever and trained instructors to help you if you need it.

Our dance parties serve the purpose of practicing the actual dancing, in order to perfect it, and get comfortable, as opposed to at a wedding, in public, with all eyes on you.

People dancing Tango in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaIt’s the best way to practice.

We hold dance parties just about every Friday night for our students. It’s part of the three different learning elements we use for students – private lessons, group lessons and practice parties.

If you pay for a private lesson, the group lessons and dance parties are free. That’s a great value!!

From the perspective of Fred Astaire Dance Studios, after teaching students how to dance for almost 70 years, we have found that you retain information quickest, learn the fastest, if you can put into action what you learn in a lesson.