Top Trend: Dance

A late fall 2016 article in a web mag called Longevity, listed dancing as the top fitness trend for 2017.

The top one. Numero uno.

“Dancing is a great way to work out because it is so fun it takes your mind off the strains of exercising,” the article says.

Of course, we know this and applaud the author of sharing the sentiment with the general public!

Some other important points in the article that we heartily agree with include the following:

  • Dance has immense health benefits, including improved heart and lung function and increased endurance and motor skills.
  • Dance can help limit or diminish the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Dance helps improve balance and spatial awareness.
  • Dancers find improved self-confidence and self-esteem as well as more positive feelings about their bodies!
  • Dance improves social skills.

Ballroom dance is a great way to achieve many milestones – make new friends, get in shape, find a supportive and encouraging community, and it’s a great way to take on a hobby later in life. Plus, it’s the kind of activity you don’t need a partner for – no joke! Your instructor or a classmate will become your partner, so single and married folks alike can show up at the studio and begin to dance.

I second the motion that ballroom dance is a major trend of 2017!