Universal Studios

It’s always fun to go south when it’s cold in Michigan. But for our team, a recent trip to Orlando was better than we could have imagined.

The purpose of the trip was to reward our team for exceeding our revenues goals for 2016. Far exceeding!!

We all flew down on the same plane, as a team, and my only rule for everybody is to go have fun. I told our instructors to focus on relaxing, enjoying themselves, and spend time with the people they wanted to be with.

I did require that we have dinner together each night; and, if people wanted to join me for breakfast, it was my treat.

We went to Universal Studios and went in a variety of directions, riding the rides, seeing the attractions, being silly and meeting back at the pool in the sunny afternoons.

We ate together every night and on the last night, at Pat O’Brady’s, we were singing to dueling pianos, having a great time.

I wanted everybody to have a chance to unwind together, and it seemed to work.

Success is not a single person’s responsibility; it’s all of us. I have such gratitude for my team and their dedication and hard work. It’s times like these that really show it.