Welcome to Tamerlan Gadirov!

Tamerlan.intheair Tamerlan.dance Great news! The Fred Astaire Dance Studio team is excited to welcome Tamerlan Gadirov as a new instructor, arriving here in early March from his home country of Azerbaijan, to teach with us.

Tamerlan will be teaching ballroom students and also leading our wheelchair dance program, Dance Mobility. He will be the lead wheelchair dance instructor and choreographer.

It’s always important to make connections among the people you know. We found Tamerlan through Lada’s niece – he was one of her teachers.

A professional ballroom dancer in his native country, Tamerlan competed and won competitions around the world. He also has a special talent of competing in wheelchair dancing with his wheelchair partner. Together, they traveled the world, winning wheelchair dance competitions.

Tamerlan.wheelchairdanceLooking to expand our staff, and always on the lookout for new teachers, we contacted Tamerlan and invited him to visit. His initial visit last summer was a splendid success, and so we began the process of applying for his visa and sponsoring him to come work with us.

We thought highly of him, and are excited to add him to our team!

This addition is part of growing our wheelchair dance program and also growing our dance staff. Tamerlan will be competing professionally with Yuliya, and as we prepare to open a second studio in Southeast Michigan, he could be part of that movement.

In his mid-20s, Tamerlan is a super sweet guy, very caring, with a strong passion for dancing. Welcome, Tamerlan!