How important is it for your dance instructor to be a certified professional?

In our opinion, very important!

Here at Fred Astaire, we hold to a high standard for our instructors so you know you’re getting the best dance instruction out there. I liken it to golf, another favorite pastime of mine. If you’re a golfer and you go out on the course with your buddies, and something is off with your swing, the worst thing you can do is take advice from one of your golf buddies.

Are they expert? Everyone thinks they know how to help you, and they certainly mean well, but only a certified professional who routinely tests his or her skills and works to constantly improve their instructional abilities is qualified to help you improve.

Even when a dance instructor receives certification, how can you be sure it’s current? How do you know when they last took their own classes, tested their skills, received advice and improved upon their instructional abilities?

If you want to be the best you can be, you have to work with the best of the best.

Our teachers are required to go through coaching every month. We bring in dance coaches constantly, not only to work with students, but also to guide our instructors.

Fred Astaire dance instructors learn how to teach somebody who is more visual in learning as well as someone who learns more kinesthetically. We cover every possibility, every learning style, every stumbling point.

Our instructors have to pass various levels, each time taking an extensive test. Male teachers must know how to dance both male and female parts, and female teachers also have to know how to lead and how to follow. All genders of instructors must understand, experience and be able to explain both sides of the dance pair, without hesitation, without confusion.

The rhythm, the timing, the testing all have to be top-notch. It’s a Fred Astaire hallmark to have to continually become better at dance instruction and work constantly on their craft. Plus, our teachers are full-time dance teachers, paid well, appreciated for their skill, talent and dedication.

That’s the Fred Astaire difference.