Dance Is a Great Gift

It’s that time of year when we ponder what to buy the Mom or Dad who has everything, or who is difficult to shop for.

Mother’s Day on May 13thand Father’s Day on June 17thare times we especially want to show love for our parents by creating special times and making memories. But there are usually gifts involved, too, right?

When you’re stumped on what to buy for these and other annual occasions, consider a gift card to Fred Astaire Dance Studio as a great gift. Not only are you giving the recipient an experience they might not give themselves, but you’re opening a door for them to a whole new world.

Gifting dance lessons to your parents – or anyone! – is an opportunity for them to make friends, to get exercise, and to expand their horizons.

This type of gift adds happiness to their lives. Gets them out of their comfort zone. Reignites their marital relationship (if they’re married) or introduces them to new potential partners (you never know whom you’ll meet!).

And, as your parents age, think of dancing as one of the best ways you can insure against late-life dementia and the onset of Alzheimers. Research shows that ballroom dance is the single best way to stave off memory loss and related conditions.

We’d love to welcome your mom or dad (or step-parent or in-laws) with dance lessons this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Give the gift of dance – a gift that truly keeps on giving.