Dance Is Like Winning the Jackpot

You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket first.

You purchase a lottery ticket at your local party store and hope that small cash outlay wins you something big. You hold onto it and watch as they call the numbers. Most of the time, you don’t win the jackpot, but you never lose hope.

And then there comes a time when that ticket pays off. When the numbers match up with yours and the cash rolls in.

All because you bought the ticket in the first place.

Dance is like that. You can’t get on the dance floor and swirl into a finessed flow without first taking dance lessons.

Sure, you can get up for one song at your cousin’s wedding and move your body to the beat. But then the music changes and you and your partner are lost about what to do and how to connect.

Lessons are lottery tickets. You can’t win without that first purchase.

Think of it like investing in a fun skill that will last a lifetime. Once you know how to dance, you’ll never lose.