The Fred Astaire Guarantee

After 11 years in business, with a fantastic two-week introductory special for $95, I’ve never offered a guarantee.

Well, things are about to change. We are going to offer a guarantee from here on out, that you have the ability to learn how to dance.

IF…you follow our fun and easy Fred Astaire teaching method and you do as we recommend. And that is:

  • 3 private lessons in 2 weeks
  • 3 group lessons in 2 weeks
  • 2 dance parties in 2 weeks

In two weeks time, for all of $95, if you attend and put effort into these opportunities, then our studio will guarantee that you have the ability to learn to dance. You won’t be ready for Dancing With the Stars quite yet, but you will be on your way.

Now, if after two weeks of trying with all your effort and might, you still don’t believe you have the ability to learn to dance, I’m happy to refund your $95. But you have to uphold your end of the deal. Attend three private lessons, three group lessons and two dance parties in a two-week period, and tell me you have absolutely no ability whatsoever.

Try it.

You’ll see quickly with that kind of dedication that you do not, in fact, have two left feet. You will see that you can, in fact, learn how to dance. You will gain confidence. You will have fun. You will make friends. You will get in shape and feel happy and be emotionally sound.

I guarantee it.