Keeping Lessons Close

Dancing isn’t like a bowling league, where you join, show up once a week, toss the ball down the lane and see where it falls. With a once-a-week frequency, you maintain your skill level, you don’t improve. And at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we want to see you improve – because you will enjoy dancing more!

That’s why we encourage our students to keep their lessons close together so they don’t forget what they learn and have to spend half of each lesson relearning what was taught last time. Practice is key. Practice makes progress.

We recommend some type of dance two to three times a week – perhaps it’s a private lesson followed by a group lesson and a dance party. That’s three opportunities to repeat what you’ve learned and become comfortable with it, while building muscle memory.

Like learning a language or to play a musical instrument, dance requires repetition, persistence and frequency. Let’s dance!